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Aris Tsamis, Owner, Mariner Sails talks about kayaking and the advantages of fishing out of a kayak. www.mariner-sails.com

What is your passion for the sport of Kayak Bass Tournament fishing?  TOC Invitee,  Chris Siebenthaler, shares what drives him to fish Kayak Tournaments.

Kayak Tournament fishing is growing faster than anyone realizes.  Top Professionals are noticing the benefits of kayak angling.  2012 Bassmaster Elite Rookie of the Year has experienced the adventure and the benefits of targeting bass from a kayak.  The tournament scene is hard to to miss as well, and pros are watching!  Watch him talk about his experience in a kayak!

SuperNova Fishing Lights has been supporting the kayak community for a long time. There are a lot of reasons to use SuperNova Fishing Lights, but hear what Michael Lammers has to say about why he relies on them.

TOC Invitee, Bobby Lebeuf, describes what drives him as a competitor. What drives you?

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