Lake Fork, Texas

November 4-5, 2017

NOTICE:  We will no longer accept Promotional Partnerships after September 30th.

Your kayak tournament

resource community!

The Yak4it Tournament of Champions will no longer have "Sanctioned Qualifying" events.





Instead of "Sanctioned Qualifier," trails/clubs/events can become Yak4it TOC "Promotional Partners."


This means that we work together to promote each other’s events. Send us results, videos, pictures and Yak4it/TOC will use it to promote your events.


As a promotional partner, tournament directors can distribute allocated invites as they choose, as long as the angler earns the invitation.


If someone cannot attend the TOC, pass down the invitation to the next angler in line so that your trail/club/event has solid representation.


At the TOC, we will shoot videos, create email blasts, and other things to help you promote your trail/club/event. We will work with you to help create resources.


Everything that is already in place, stays in place.


"Promotional Partner" puts the pressure on Yak4it/TOC to work for you, but Yak4it can only do the work if you provide the information for me to build/share materials.


That's why it's a partnership.


Invitations will be sent out at the sole discretion of the Yak4it TOC.




Yak4it TOC Director

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